Testimonial 1

I never imagined how powerful just the right illumination could be and I always thought that all landscape architects included the “right” amount of illumination in their plans. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way. So, when my beautifully designed side yard patio was completed, I looked forward to being able to entertain on it both day and night. You can imagine my dismay when I walked around the yard, the first night, only to encounter ground illumination blinding my next step. My yard is not flat, so I have to address the undulating flagstone & ground cover—this includes charming terraced multi-levels. Illumination is critical for the safety of my guests and any trip hazards are not a feature that I had intended to invest in. Thank God for the internet and for my finding Mark Carlson of Avalon Lighting Design. Mark came to rescue my project and he understood the problem immediately. He eliminated the glare by re positioning the lights high up into the trees and directed them downward, to softly illuminate the walkways. Magic! He directed ground lights into the flowerbeds, casting lacy romantic shadows against the garden wall. There were no longer any dark, treacherous areas or glaring blind spots. I only have the soft, magical, romantic glow that I envisioned when I first dreamed of making my own Secret Garden a reality. I work intensely all day long. What a peaceful, glorious refuse my garden has become… in my hammock, with a good book, cocooned in nature, bathed in soft light… 24 hours a day! Thank you Mark! I honestly can’t thank you enough for what your skill, understanding and creativity has done for me, my family and my friends!