Design— this service is a mandatory part of any landscape lighting design project. The owner of the project has the option to use only the design services, or they can combine it with the installation services provided by Avalon Lighting Design. It should be noted that any and all services cost money—several lighting designers do not charge for their time. Avalon is not in the business to provide “free” services.

Design Fees equate to $200.00/hour

The project owner has the option to have the designer (Avalon Lighting Design) also include installation, as part of the service provisions. If the design is included, then Avalon will credit back this design fee to the owner against the installation cost. This allows both parties to benefit throughout the relationship.

Project Management— this service is provided to those who wish to have one person oversee and represent the ‘owner’ of the property. Project management includes the oversight of design, installation, and future service needs.

Project Management Fees equate to $300.00/hour

Some project owners prefer to have an isolated representative or manager to oversee their project to completion. Avalon will perform this role, but certain requirements must be adhered to.

Consultation— this service is provided to those clients and projects which need advice or consultation on what to do, when to do it, and why to do it. The advantage of working with a consultant is that they can make the owner aware of potential problems during the construction process. In addition, they can prepare the owner for expectations, problems, and other important things associated with this work.

Consultation Fees equate to $250.00/hour

Installation— this service is provided by Avalon Lighting Design because I am a contractor, as well. It’s always best to work with one who is both designer and contractor, as this assures the design intent is accomplished. Avalon will not perform installation services unless they provide the design.

Installation Fees equate to the cost of the Landscape Lighting Proposal.

Maintenance— this service can be provided by Avalon or by another qualified service. The project owner can also choose to perform this role, but it needs to be to the established requirements of Avalon Lighting Design. Those choosing not to have maintenance services after the installation is completed will face a “void” in the warranty of the project—the owner then accepts full responsibility of the installed project.

Maintenance Fees equate to the ‘Time & Materials’ rate of the service. If Avalon is performing this service, then it equates to Materials +15% and a service rate of $100.00/hour. If troubleshooting is involved, then this will be at the rate of $150.00/hour.

General Working Terms:

  • Designer/Installer will only work directly with the project owner or owner’s representative
  • Designer/Installer will be paid directly by owner or owner’s representative
  • Owner accepts responsibility for errors provided by other services or contractors on the same project
  • Designer/Installer will be compensated, if necessary, for any scheduling changes, contractor issues, or any other problems related to the scheduling of the landscape lighting work
  • Unless any work is in writing (the initial contract/proposal, or in an addendum for additional work), then these works will not be performed without compensation
  • Designer/Installer will be compensated for any associated costs related to the project that occur due to the site or job-site condition

Mark Carlson is an industry leader in the landscape lighting design profession. He’s an educator, author, designer, visionary, and contractor. He also is part of a collaborative effort to collect and preserve the history of Frank B. Nightingale (father of garden lighting). Additionally, he established the Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) as an educational resource to the profession.

Frank B. Nightingale established the landscape lighting profession as an artform and discipline in 1933. I developed an exclusive website dedicated to this man, who is a mentor for all in this specialized work: