Publications, Books:

“The Original Garden Lighting Book” (2013)—a republication effort to update the original 1958 book called, “Garden Lighting” by Frank B. Nightingale, considered the ‘father of garden lighting.

Authored by Mark A. Carlson and Michael A. Gambino

“Complete Lighting Design” (2006)—featured in two chapters to discuss and show landscape lighting applications.

Authored by Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto

Publications, Articles:

  • Professional Lighting Design magazine:
    • “Time for Change-Disturbing Issues and Trends” (#86, 2013)
    • “To Be or Not To Be” (#96, 2015)
  • Sunset magazine
  • Landscape Contractor magazine
  • Home Improvement & Remodeling magazine
Publications, Articles
Publications, Articles


  • Avalon Lighting Design blog (2013-2015)—a weekly educational series specific to the landscape lighting trade.
  • NiteLiter’s, Inc. and Gambino Landscape Lighting (2014-present)—guest writer
  • CopperMoon newsletter series (2009-2011)—although not a blog, it was a regular release of educational and humorous content related to the lighting industry.


  • Award of Merit—Illumination Award—Outdoor Lighting Design, IES (2015)
  • Janet Lennox Moyer Award—Best of Show, AOLP (2009)
  • Design Committee Award—Best of Show, AOLP (2009)
  • Members Award—Best of Show, AOLP (2009)
  • Merit Award—Best Residential Lighting, AOLP (2009)
  • Merit Award—Best Water Feature Lighting, AOLP (2009)
  • Merit Award—Best Structure Lighting, AOLP (2009)
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Mark Carlson is the Principal of Avalon Lighting Design and is an industry leader in this specialized art form. Design development and the design process are Mark’s competitive advantage. Mark continues to author books, Guides & Standards, and is a leading activist for the preservation of the Landscape Lighting discipline. Very few strive to this level of passion or expertise.