“The Original Garden Lighting Book” (2013)—a republication effort to update the original 1958 book called, “Garden Lighting” by Frank B. Nightingale, considered the ‘father of garden lighting.

Authored by Mark A. Carlson and Michael A. Gambino

“Complete Lighting Design” (2006)—featured in two chapters to discuss and show landscape lighting applications.

Authored by Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto


  • Professional Lighting Design magazine:
    • “Time for Change-Disturbing Issues and Trends” (#86, 2013)
    • “To Be or Not To Be” (#96, 2015)
    • Light and Nature—A Valuable Human Benefit” (#107, 2017)
Publications, Articles
Publications, Articles
Publications, Articles
  • Illumination Engineering Society—‘Visionary Challenge, 2020’
    • “Consumer Understanding—Our Weak Link” (2020)

      Note: this document was voted on and selected by a panel of experts to be awarded for publication to its members as well as anyone in the public.

  • Pro Landscaper USA magazine:
    • “Enlightened” (#1, 2021)
  • Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative resource documents
    • Guide to Landscape Lighting Design Critique
    • Guide to Services & Service Providers
    • Guide to Materials & Products
    • Standards for the Landscape Lighting Designer
    • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Trade Specifications
    • Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Bid Package Specifications
  • Sunset magazine
  • Landscape Contractor magazine
  • Home Improvement & Remodeling magazine


  • IESNA, "Illumination Awards"--Outdoor Lighting Design (3-total) Awards of Merit (2015 & 2017)
  • AOLP—Landscape Lighting Design (6-total) Janet L. Moyer Award, Best of Show Awards, and Merit Awards (2009)
  • Manufacturer Awards—Landscape Lighting Design (3-total) ClaroLux and Brilliance LED (2018 & 2019)

Mark Carlson is an industry leader in the landscape lighting design profession. He’s an educator, author, designer, visionary, and contractor. He also is part of a collaborative effort to collect and preserve the history of Frank B. Nightingale (father of garden lighting). Additionally, he established the Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) as an educational resource to the profession.

Frank B. Nightingale established the landscape lighting profession as an artform and discipline in 1933. I developed an exclusive website dedicated to this man, who is a mentor for all in this specialized work: