• To provide a memorable experience through the use of light, shadow, and nature
  • To develop landscape scenes that evoke emotion and provide ‘affect’
  • To act and perform as a leader in the artform of landscape lighting design
  • To educate consumers, practitioners, and professionals
  • To be respected by all other trades and professions as an equal without being taken advantage of
  • To give back to the next generation of landscape lighting professionals
  • To be trustworthy, professional, and dedicated within my discipline

Distinguishing Character—I am highly passionate about this artform and use an ‘experiential’ approach with the design process. I believe that the ‘Design’ is the most important part of a successfully installed project.

Moral Nature—I am God-fearing, respectful, and honest. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, which is why I place a high value on our country and the U.S. Constitution.

Competitive Advantage—My distinct difference over anyone performing this type of work is:

  • Understanding the psychology of light & dark, as it applies to nature or natural settings
  • Understanding the principles of composition and using them in my work
  • Understanding how to develop emotion and providing ‘affect’ to a landscape scene
  • Understanding the design process as it applies to landscape lighting
  • Understanding how to visualize landscaped spaces during the day for night use

Note: the concept of using human psychology and the principles of composition, are relatively new to this profession. In fact, I was the one to introduce them to this profession to measure ‘good’ lighting design. Many label this type of visual art as ‘subjective’, but my introduction of concepts has made it more ‘objective’—a first for our industry.

What is Important to Me


'Affect'--a psychological concept or term used to describe the "experience" of feeling or emotion

I utilize the same 'measures' developed by the Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) to evaluate a 'good' lighting design:

  • Principles of Composition
  • Concept of 'Affect'
  • Common Flaws of Landscape Lighting
  • Photography

Avalon's Story

Avalon has been around for over two decades. In the beginning, it performed to provide 'good', functional lighting--that which focused on tasks and aesthetics. However, during the second decade, it realized the importance and value of providing for 'mood.'

Today, Avalon believes that there is an inherent therapeutic benefit associated with 'good' lighting design. This is especially true when it evokes an emotional response. Avalon strives to provide an 'affect' to each of its works--this provides intent and purpose to enhance the customer's experience.

Mark Carlson is an industry leader in the landscape lighting design profession. He’s an educator, author, designer, visionary, and contractor. He also is part of a collaborative effort to collect and preserve the history of Frank B. Nightingale (father of garden lighting). Additionally, he established the Experiential Landscape Lighting Initiative (ELLI) as an educational resource to the profession.

Frank B. Nightingale established the landscape lighting profession as an artform and discipline in 1933. I developed an exclusive website dedicated to this man, who is a mentor for all in this specialized work: