Distinguishing Character—I am most passionate about the artistry of landscape lighting and utilizing an experiential approach to the design process.

Moral Nature—God-fearing, honest, and respectful.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide memorable experiences through the use of light and shadow within landscaped environments and natural spaces.
  • To intrigue, enchant, or inspire those viewing my creative works.
  • To utilize my creative developments as therapeutic applications.
  • To provide leadership as an artist, craftsman, and educator.

Quotes of Meaning

“How do we know that being in a space makes a difference? The question really is not how, but why. Art is not just about decorating the world and making it look better, or for that matter worse, but about taking responsibility.” Ofafur Eliasson

”The simplest defining characteristic of lighting, yet perhaps its greatest mystery, is ‘the process of learning to see.’ Learning to see means a mental notation of the causes of our emotions or reactions in response to the experience of the scene we are viewing. It is essential that one be able to see what one looks at—to appreciate, to remember, to record. To understand any given visual scene and the emotion it evokes, one must do more than just look. One must understand the context in life into which it fits, the influence of culture, the importance of demographics, and the human response to scale. Context, culture, demographics, scale—these are essential to understanding how people respond to space, but are not (nor can they be) taught in standard practice.” Howard M. Brandston

“If a lot of the world is ordinary, then the things that are extraordinary really have value and meaning.” Laurie Olin

Background Music Credit: The Fragile Fate
Album: "Lilliam Ocean" (2016)
Musicians: Rupert Greenall, Jerry Marotta, and Eric Taylor
Mark Carlson is the Principal of Avalon Lighting Design and is an industry leader in this specialized art form. Design development and the design process are Mark’s competitive advantage. Mark continues to author books, Guides & Standards, and is a leading activist for the preservation of the Landscape Lighting discipline. Very few strive to this level of passion or expertise.