My studio is a place of comfort, peace and encouragement. It allows me to explore ideas and to process day to day, operational functions. The beauty of it all is that I have designed it to take advantage of different feelings through site and sound, and this includes interior and exterior settings.

The design studio provides table and wall space for placement of plans to be viewed from one vantage point. Sun light can penetrate the room with particular views of the varying landscape.

The foyer-lounge is adjacent to the designer’s loft and is raised above the rest of the office. It faces the interior glass atrium containing a small bamboo grove open to the sky. It’s an intimate space that features some of Avalon’s projects, framed on the outer walls. Soft, tranquil music is provided for this zone.

Upon entering the building and to the right, is an open seating arrangement of a small group. It is a non-formal space, casual by nature that encourages open, un-restricted discussions. A small media nook provides for a larger monitor display, music and video use, including internet access. It too, has a direct view of the bamboo atrium and my personal office. And to the back corner of this space is a small exterior deck for viewing or private personal phone use. It is positioned to view a distant large Oak tree on the adjacent horse property.

My personal office is across from the small group media space. It too, has one side of the room dedicated to the glass atrium.

Just outside the upper floor of my building is an open, roof-top terrace. It’s a wonderful place to gather, as a group for entertaining or as a quiet outdoor space to write, relax or reflect in thought. It features several potted plants, decorative metal trellis screens, and positioned furniture. Additionally, a small exterior cantina bar and several umbrellas are located accordingly. It’s a place I enjoy to visit during the early evening hours, as the indigenous bats scatter in search of insects. And lastly, under the stars, it makes a perfect place to share stories with friends.

To complete this dream-space, I have my workshop on the first floor level, to include a separate guest room for visitors. This shop space allows me the ability to perform small mock-ups and build various lighting accessory components.

Background Music Credit: The Fragile Fate
Album: "Lilliam Ocean" (2016)
Musicians: Rupert Greenall, Jerry Marotta, and Eric Taylor
Mark Carlson is the Principal of Avalon Lighting Design and is an industry leader in this specialized art form. Design development and the design process are Mark’s competitive advantage. Mark continues to author books, Guides & Standards, and is a leading activist for the preservation of the Landscape Lighting discipline. Very few strive to this level of passion or expertise.